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R&D investment accounts for 4% of Shanghai's GDP

( ) 2019-05-29

Shanghai's R&D investment currently accounts for 4 percent of its GDP, 0.35 percentage points higher than five years ago, which was announced at an official meeting last Tuesday.

The number of invention patents owned by per 10,000 Shanghai citizens has reached 47.4, double from five years ago.

Shanghai also leads in the comprehensive assessment indexes of the Level of Science and Technology Progress among other cities across the country.

In the past five years, the city has made great efforts in the construction of a scientific innovation center with global influence.

A number of innovative institutes and platforms such as Zhangjiang Laboratory and Shanghai Research Center for Brain Science and Brain-inspired Intelligence have been established.

The city is also promoting the development, innovation and application in the areas of integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, bio-medicine and other strategic emerging industries.

By the end of last year, the city had boasted 441 foreign-funded R&D centers and 600 maker spaces. More than 70 local policies involving 170 measures have been launched to promote reforms in scientific and technological systems.



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