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Latest news available via mobiles

( ) 2019-07-04

Jiading residents are able to get the latest news and government information through the mobile app Shang Hai Jia Ding, which was officially launched June 28.

Eight columns are set at the top of the app, including recommendations, news, videos, in-depth reports, cars, services, special topics and live broadcasts. These provide not only the latest news in Jiading district every day, but also services for people's livelihoods, education, transport and other daily matters.

It is worth mentioning that as Jiading is well known for its auto industry, the "cars" column is specially set to show Jiading's development and achievements in the auto industry.

At the bottom of the app, users can retrieve information on the progress of their government affairs and express their suggestions and problems to Jiading's governors. They can also watch news videos and listen to radio in the audio-visual column.

The Shang Hai Jia Ding app is now available for IOS and Android equipment and users can scan the QR code below to download it.

Latest news available via mobiles

Users can scan the QR code to download the app. [Photo/jiading]



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