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Jiading offers policy, financial support for tech transformations

( ) 2019-07-12

Jiading district in Shanghai is carrying out a new round of technical transformation to pursue quality development in the fields of advanced, intelligent, high-end and green manufacturing.

The effort follows the trend of upgrading the manufacturing industry with the goal of promoting innovation to maintain success in global competition.

In 2018, the industrial output value of industrial enterprises above designated size in Jiading increased by 1.7 percent year-on-year, accounting for about 16 percent of the total industrial output value of Shanghai.

A total of 157 technological transformation projects were conducted in Jiading last year, with 73.4 percent of industrial investment spent on technological transformation; the ratio was much higher than the city's average level. From January to June this year, industrial investment in Jiading totaled 4.82 billion yuan ($702 million), 82.4 percent of which went towards technological transformation with an increase of 73.3 percent.

In 2018, 31 projects were supported by special municipal funds allocated for industrial transformation and upgrading. Approved funds amounted to 311 million yuan and a total investment of 4.43 billion yuan was involved. According to a local official, the number of funded projects in Jiading accounted for nearly one-fifth of the city's total, as did the amount of funds the Jiading projects received.

In 2019, Jiading has had 16 projects approved in the first batch of municipal technical transformation projects, about 15 percent of the city's total. It brought investment of 1.92 billion yuan and support funds of 109 million yuan to related Jiading enterprises, with the total amount ranking first in the city.

Jiading intends to put another 21 projects into the second batch of municipal technical transformation projects. The projects Jiading recommended entail 3.1 billion yuan in investment, including 2.76 billion yuan for fixed assets.

To stimulate enterprises' initiatives to participate in technical transformation and to make the process as smooth as possible, Jiading has formulated Management Measures for Special Funds for Key Technology Renovation in Jiading District and the Three-Year Action Plan for Promoting Technical Transformation to Boost High-Quality Development of the Real Economy in Jiading District (2018-20).

The document stipulates that technical transformation projects with fixed assets investment of more than 5 million yuan will receive major support. An anticipated 300 technological transformation demonstration projects will be approved in the next three years.

Last year, Jiading funded 12 projects with 10.98 million yuan. To date this year, the district has accepted applications for financial support of seven projects.

Always paying attention to the development needs of enterprises, Jiading has come out with an array of solutions to meet various issues arising from the technical transformation process.

For example, a service mechanism has been formed to allow relevant enterprises to consult on project procedures through online and offline channels. In addition, training lectures are often held to interpret the latest policies for enterprises. Moreover, to help companies raise funds Jiading has helped to establish a platform that can match the demands of enterprises with various financial products.



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