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Jiading recycles waste into electricity

( ) 2019-07-17

Jiading recycles waste into electricity

Domestic waste in Jiading district is reused to provide electricity after incineration. [Photo/]

Every day, 1,800 tons of domestic waste in Jiading district are conveyed to the Jiading Renewable Energy Utilization Center in Waigang town for reuse.

The volume of the fully enclosed garbage dump is equivalent to 12 standard swimming pools and can accommodate up to 15,000 tons of domestic garbage, equivalent to the amount of domestic garbage in Jiading.

According to staff members, the garbage in the dump will first be fermented. Generally, this takes about three to five days in summer and about seven days in winter. The garbage that has been dehydrated by fermentation is transported to a boiler before incineration.

High temperature incineration is the key part of the waste treatment process. In the furnace, the garbage undergoes three processes of drying, burning and burning out. When the furnace temperature is above 850 C, dioxins can be completely decomposed in two seconds.

After the waste is incinerated, the heat generated produces steam through the waste heat boiler and drives a steam turbine generator to generate electricity for Shanghai residents.

"Over 200 million kilowatt hours of energy come from waste incineration every year, meeting demand to 150,000 households in Jiading," said Chi Qingqi, deputy manager of Shanghai Jiading Renewable Energy Co.

The slag generated after incineration will be used for the production of building materials such as bricks and cement to realize comprehensive utilization of resources.

Jiading recycles waste into electricity

The thermal energy from waste incineration can drive steam turbine generators to generate electricity. [Photo/]



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