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Jiading celebrates 92nd founding anniversary of PLA on campus

( ) 2019-08-01

Jiangqiao town in Shanghai's Jiading district launched a public event on July 30 to celebrate the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army of China, which falls on Aug 1.

The event gathered generals from Shanghai and Fujian province and roughly 200 participants from Jiangqiao.

General Pan Zhenqiu, a chairman of an activity center in Shanghai, along with other generals invited to the event inspired the audiences with touching stories about revolutionary martyrs.

"The stories of how the Red Army trekked over snow-topped mountains and plodded through vast grasslands are so moving, and we should work harder and ramp up all efforts toward the goal of rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." said Guo Bingcan, a student representative.

In addition, young actors gave many singing and dancing performances, showcasing their dedication to inherit the patriotism.

Jiading celebrates 92nd founding anniversary of PLA on campus

Two young actresses pose for pictures with a general who participates in the event. [Photo/]



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