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Jiading strengthens e-governance service

( ) 2019-08-15

Shanghai's Jiading district has done an exquisite and down-to-earth job in strengthening e-governance service since 2018 and has won favorable reviews from local people.

A business license applier surnamed Zhu gave a thumbs-up as it took only one day to obtain her company's business license.

The advances are made possible by a service package launched by Jiading that saves a lot of time by eliminating the back-forth trips applicants used to have to make.

A service center in Xincheng sub-district community customized a service menu that rolls out five categories for seniors, middle-aged people, youths, females and children.

In addition, a visiting service is also available for residents more than 80 years old.

Jiading strengthens e-governance service
A staffer handles a business application. [Photo/]



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