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18 Jiading enterprises showcase excellent corporate cultures

( ) 2019-08-20

An exhibition and evaluation activity was held on Aug 19 in Shanghai's Jiading district to showcase successful experiences and excellent examples of innovative corporate cultures.

After preliminary screening and online voting, a group of 18 enterprises including both traditional production enterprises and newly-developed internet companies were selected to enter this year's event.

Chen Yanjun from Shanghai International Automobile Shimao Industry Co said that to foster corporate culture building her company holds a 30-minute meeting every morning. Every employee is supposed to give a PPT representation to share their knowledge related to professional and industrial development.

Shen Hao, one of the participants, said that the activity was well-received and offered enterprises a chance to showcase advanced corporate cultures and learn from each other.

A 2019 Jiading innovative culture brand list will be released soon, which will reflect the result of the activity.

18 Jiading enterprises showcase excellent corporate cultures

An enterprise representative showcases her company's corporate culture in the activity. [Photo/]




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