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Jiading's corporate culture has deep humanistic roots

( ) 2019-08-28

Jiading district in Shanghai has continuously and deeply rooted humanistic "genes" in its corporate culture and encouraged enterprises to play a key role in achieving high-quality development and an improved quality of life.

Jiading will showcase its automobile culture at an upcoming exhibition in Shanghai from Aug 30 to Sept 1. An official from the district said that established enterprises have always been committed to building Jiading's name-brands and have jointly promoted Jiading traditional culture with their unique and civilized characteristics.

Jiading boasts 11 research institutes, more than 50 academicians and over 300,000 talents, resources that have given it a wealth of innovative spirit. For example, United Imaging -- a health-care equipment producer -- showcased its high-end tech-savvy products at the recent 81st China International Medical Equipment Fair and won a great reputation as a "made in China" brand.

Regarding the transportation industry, Jiading Public Transport Group has focused not just on stations and routes but on people as well. The enterprise set up a star-staff office, aiming at taking a leading role in providing better services to passengers.

Jiading's corporate culture has deep humanistic roots

A characteristic demonstration coach showcases that Jiading attaches great importance to the human side of corporate culture. [Photo/]



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