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Jiading gets 10 new schools ready for upcoming school year

( ) 2019-08-28

All preparation work has been done and 10 newly-open schools and kindergartens are ready to welcome their students in Shanghai's Jiading district as the new school year approaches.

In the almost-complete New Town Experimental Primary School and Secondary School, stadiums and sports facilities are available and special purpose classrooms for training in computers, music and other subjects are on call.

According to local media reports, the primary school will center on courses in the humanities such as children's philosophy and poems and famous old adages. It will share curricula philosophy and practical experience with other primary schools in Huangpu district.

"'Actions speaks louder than words' is our school's credo, which aims to cultivate the students to achieve their ambitious goals with a teamwork spirit," said the school principal.

Not far from the primary school, the secondary school has already launched new sixth-grade students' military training. Regarding the curriculum, the school will employ a comprehensive course system aimed at providing a better development environment.

Jiading gets 10 new schools ready for upcoming school year

A bird's eye view of New Town Experimental Secondary School in Shanghai's Jiading district [Photo/]



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