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Jiading students crowned national AI champions

( ) 2019-09-03

A team of three middle school students from Shanghai's Jiading district came top at the national AI challenge in mid-August.

The trio – Jia Yunrui, Fang Zihao and Xu Tianyu from Nanxiang Middle School, constantly adjusted the program, corrected their methods and finally won the title with the shortest time and the fewest mistakes among all competitors.

In a laboratory at the middle school, a red smart car on a 25 square-meter quadrate large-scale city sand table was made to run along a 20-centimeter-wide driveway, following a set procedure to reach the first task point and then broadcast the designated context.

In addition, the smart car was also required to complete corresponding tasks without touching any obstacles or white lines.

All these procedures were designed by the students in the middle school.

Jiading students crowned national AI champions

Students at Nanxiang Middle School in Shanghai's Jiading district focus on their AI program. [Photo/]



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