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Jiading's mandarin oranges go on sale

( ) 2019-10-30

Mandarin oranges are now ripe for the taking. At the orchard in Dengta village in Jiading Industrial Zone, farmers and tourists from surrounding regions are busy picking the oranges.

"The oranges in this grove taste sweet and fresh. Every year I come here to pick some for family members and friends," said a tourist surnamed Liu from Shanghai urban area.

The orange orchard in Dengta village plants a total of 70 acres of tangerine in three varieties. The early-maturing variety comes into season in mid-September, while the late one comes into maturity around New Year's Day.

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Address: near Jingcheng Zen Temple, Dengta village, Jiading Industrial Zone

Picking price: 5 yuan ($0.71) per kg

Jiading's mandarin oranges go on sale

A farmer harvests mandarin oranges in Dengta village, Jiading Industrial Zone. [Photo/]

Jiading's mandarin oranges go on sale

The orchard in Dengta village enjoys a bumper crop of mandarin oranges. [Photo/]



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