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Anting selected as smart community construction site in Shanghai

( ) 2019-12-05

Anting town in Jiading district, Shanghai, has been selected as one of the city's first 15 smart community (village) demonstration sites.

In recent years, Anting has been promoting the construction of big data credit management platforms to provide quantitative support for government administration and provide convenience and assistance to the public based on Shanghai's 13th five-year plan (2016-2020) to promote smart city construction.

Its social credit platform collects data from more than 20 government departments, which integrates and analyzes big data on the economy and society to realize information interconnections and resource sharing between different government departments and systems.

Its smart service platform for the elderly adopts the "internet + big data" model and provides services such as emergency calls, life services and dementia elderly location services.

Its public security management platform focuses on the public security video surveillance network and intelligent social management to create a better communications network for local law enforcement and public safety.

Anting selected as smart community construction site in Shanghai

The transport monitoring center of Anting town in Jiading district, Shanghai. [Photo/]



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