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Run the Track on track to be China's landmark run

By Guan Xiaomeng ( ) 2019-12-18
Run the Track on track to be China's landmark run

To unveil the new year in a special way is becoming ever more marketable among young people, especially in a sports-like fashion.

A red hot year-opening run on Shanghai landmark racing route is even anticipated as the 10,000 vacancies for the Run The Track race were sold out in only 48 minutes after the system opened for sign ups.

The sixth edition of the annual Run The Track on the Shanghai International Circuit, home of China's Formula One Grand Prix, witnessed the fastest sell out in its history. The first registrant took only 29 seconds to snag a spot.

What is behind the popularity of the run?

Patrick Yang, general manager of race co-organizer Shanghai Juss Event Management Co Ltd and also one of the leaders of the company that owns the F1 track, said he is happy to hear about a "question" from some New Year celebrants: To the Pearl of the Orient or to the circuit?

The Pearl of the Orient, the radio tower by the east bank of Huangpu River in the central city, has developed into a must-go place for Shanghaiers on New Year's Day. The tower climb has been held for 24 years and is getting more unreachable due to the increasing number of runners.

The latecomer run is emerging as a new trend and attracted New Year well-wishers to another part of the city. Jiading District, northwest to central Shanghai and where the circuit is located, got rid of its old New Year run and focused on a circuit run instead. With China's only F1 track and now with the only F1 track run, the district is getting a higher profile.

Run The Track was initiated by Formula One for its running enthusiasts, racing team staff and motor journalists and held on F1 tracks. The race was introduced and opened to public runners in China in 2015.

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