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Jiading-Wenzhou joint innovation park opens

( ) 2019-12-24

Jiading-Wenzhou joint innovation park opens

A staff member works on a sketch design at an innovation park, the largest of its kind established by Wenzhou in Jiading. [Photo/]

The scientific and technological wings of Wenzhou, in East China's Zhejiang province, took flight on Dec 16 as an innovation park, the largest of its kind, was opened in Shanghai.

The 9,610-square-meter park is now home to the laboratories, R&D departments and technical centers of 21 Wenzhou-based industrial leaders and sci-tech enterprises, covering fields including new materials, intelligent equipment, auto parts, the digital economy, and medical care.

According to Li Haiying, director of the park, his operations team has been working on ways to better serve businesses and to infuse more vitality into the economies of both Jiading and Wenzhou.

"Wenzhou features a private economy and Jiading possesses an export-oriented economy," Li said, "but what they have in common is that the market plays a more decisive role in the allocation of resources. That means we have to equip better supporting services to attract professionals.

"We have selected quite a number of high-quality houses for rental, which can accommodate employees and solve the burden of their employers."

What's more, public service spaces for training, research, road shows and product launches are also accessible at the park, enabling businesses to exchange scientific resources, bring in professionals, manage investment and financing, apply for favorable tax policies, and protect intellectual property rights.

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