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'Kao': crispy and golden brown snack

( ) 2019-12-25

'Kao': crispy and golden brown snack

Kao, or in Chinese "烤", is a Jiading snack mostly used for celebrations. [Photo/]

Kao, or in Chinese "烤", is a Jiading snack often made to celebrate weddings, building or moving into a new house, or getting admitted to college.

Kao and zongzi, or rice dumplings, are especially popular gift packs in Jiading as their Chinese names together mean 'scoring the highest mark', a modest way of extending best wishes to examinees.

Follow these steps to make kao the easiest way:

1) Add water to flour, knead the dough repeatedly until it gets larger

2) Add sugar to the dough and sprinkle with flour

3) Use a rolling pin to roll the dough as thinly as possible

4) Sprinkle with black sesame seeds as desired

5) Cut the dough into rectangles which are 15 cm long and 8cm wide

6) Fold the rectangle in half and knife a 7cm cut in the middle

7) One end is inserted into the cut in the middle, then gently straightened and laid flat

8) Medium heat the oil, fry kao with a low heat, flipping gently with chopsticks

9) Fry until the surface is golden on both sides, then remove. Cool before serving



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