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New Year soup, a cherished 400-year-old recipe

( ) 2020-01-06

New Year soup is made from a recipe developed by scholar Tang Shisheng of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) to treat his students and celebrate the Spring Festival. The appetizing and tasty soup became a local specialty that has satisfied the taste buds of Jiading residents for centuries.

Follow these steps to cook New Year soup the easiest way:

1) Mix glutinous rice flour with water, knead the dough, and then shape it into small rice balls

2) Boil rice and water in the soup pot and then simmer with gentle heat

3) Shred some water chestnuts, mushrooms and dried bamboo shoots and simmer them in the pot

4) Flavor with broth made from ribs, meatballs and quail eggs

5) Nourish with green vegetables and dried bean curd and mix to bring out the best flavors

6) Put small rice balls and noodles into the soup and simmer thoroughly

7) Spruce up with some red dates

New Year soup, a cherished 400-year-old recipe

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