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People's livelihood goals realized in 2019

( ) 2020-01-10

Jiading has fully achieved the goals set for 2019 concerning local people's livelihoods, the fifth session of the sixth Jiading district congress of the Communist Party of China announced Jan 7.

1. Jiading added an estimated 25,000 jobs to the local labor market, helped 249 long-term unemployed young men back to jobs or start up their own businesses, and reduced the number of registered unemployed people in towns and cities to 4,950.

People's livelihood goals realized in 2019

Senior citizens attend a medical lecture at an entertainment center in Jiading. [Photo/]

2. The number of newly built or renovated entertainment rooms for senior citizens rose to 28, 18 higher than expected. Twenty medical rooms were equipped with intelligent facilities and 30 study areas were set up in villages. 128,000 people aged 60 and above received free health check-ups, and medical expenses for the elderly could be reimbursed automatically.

3. Barrier-free facilities were provided to 125 families with disabled members and 164 people with visual defects were able to access screen-reading mobile apps and received operating training. Medicare guiding service centers for hearing-impaired people grew to 20 and 79 staff members at the service counters of local medical institutions received sign language training.

People's livelihood goals realized in 2019

Jiading opens five new schools in 2019. [Photo/]

4. Jiading opened five new schools and 23,114 children received free fluoride protection for their baby teeth.

5. Checkups for specific diseases were carried out for targeted groups, such as 16,030 residents at high risk of cerebral strokes, 22,049 people aged 50 and above for colorectal cancer examinations, 11,652 retired or poverty-stricken women for gynecopathy and mastopathy checkups, and 11,768 residents trained in first aid.

6. Jiading built or renovated 100 bus stops, opened two bus lines, built 582 parking lots, put up 33 parking signs, and upgraded the intelligent traffic control system at 45 crossroads.

7. Thirty-five old elevators at local residential communities had safety evaluations. Charging facilities for electric bicycles were added in 45 residential communities. Renovations started on 260,000 square meters of old houses.

People's livelihood goals realized in 2019

A total of 131 themed lectures are opened to the public in 2019. [Photo/]

8. Jiading played 6,435 movies in rural areas and ran 131 themed lectures.

9. The number of newly built or renovated physical exercise facilities was increased to 14, 23,000 people were trained in various fitness skills, and 18,000 people had physical fitness tests.



Jiading Fahua Pagoda

The Fahua Pagoda, 40.8 meters tall, is a square, brick-wood structure with seven stories, accessible by ladders.