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10 goals to improve people's lives in 2020

( ) 2020-01-14

10 goals to improve people's lives in 2020

This recently opened sports center in Jiading has comprehensive facilities. [Photo/]

The Jiading district government worked out 10 goals to improve people's lives in 2020.

1. Open a new service center and 10 canteens in residential communities and build or renovate 10 standardized entertainment rooms for senior citizens. Upgrade 100 special beds for the care of elderly people with cognitive disorders. Offer 12,000 residents aged 60 and above one free health check-up.

2. Open five new schools and provide 20,000 children aged between 3 and 5 with free fluoride protection for their teeth. Add 10 centers for the after-school care of children and open 30 programs for the care of pupils in summer holidays.

3. Equip qualified multistory residential buildings with elevators and launch safety assessment for 60 old elevators in residential communities. Start renovations on 100,000 square meters of old houses and 100,000 families who have old gas lines. Improve the fire-fighting devices at 11 old residential communities. Provide 680 low-income families with low-rent housing subsidies.

4. Upgrade 70 village roads and the domestic sewage treatment systems for 600 rural families. Train 100 peasants to work at emerging posts.

5. Bring 230 youth who are long-term unemployed back to job or start up their own business, and reduce the number of registered unemployed citizens to 5,650.

6. Provide barrier-free facilities to 200 families with disabled members and provide 4,800 disable people with access to health checkups.

7. Carry out specific disease checkups for targeted groups, including free gynecopathy and mastopathy checkups for 30,000 retired or poverty-stricken women, preliminary colorectal cancer screenings for 20,000 residents aged 50 and above, and cerebral stroke examinations for 13,000 high-risk people.

8. Build five new medical rooms with intelligent facilities and two new emergency medical subcenters.

9. Build or renovate 100 bus stops and add 300 public parking lots.

10. Build or renovate public sports facilities at nine residential communities and open 12 kilometers of greenways to the public.



Jiading Fahua Pagoda

The Fahua Pagoda, 40.8 meters tall, is a square, brick-wood structure with seven stories, accessible by ladders.