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Stretch your body at the fully upgraded Guojin Sports Center

( ) 2020-01-14

Stretch your body at the fully upgraded Guojin Sports Center

An equestrian enthusiast rides a horse on the race course at Guojin Sports Center in Jiading. [Photo/]

The Guojin Sports Center at 200 Jinshajiang Zhilu has upgraded its facilities and become a professional and comprehensive athletic hub, local media reported Jan 13.

The newly opened basketball gym covers 2,670 square meters and has three full and three half courts. The gym is divided into a professional basketball training area, which is equipped with shooting machines, and an area for free physical training.

Equestrian enthusiasts can sharpen their skills at the fully equipped 4,700-sq-m indoor and 600-sq-m outdoor training fields. Children can also have contact with horses, getting to know their species, ages and learning to ride them. The center has a clean stable with nearly 30 horses.

The 2,200-sq-m indoor skateboard park is designed with diverse types of training areas, meeting the standards for basic domestic events and offering various training programs to people of different ages.

Nine new indoor tennis courts were built in accordance with international hard court standards using Australian Open Tennis Championship techniques, which enable enthusiasts to train whatever the weather conditions.



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