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The easiest pumpkin and flour dish you'll ever cook

( ) 2020-01-20

The easiest pumpkin and flour dish you'll ever cook

Pumpkin dough balls – the pumpkin is tender and sweet and the dough balls are chewy [Photo/]

Mian Geda, or dough balls, is a soup commonly seen on the tables of Jiading residents. Cooked with either expensive ingredients such as seafood or cost-effective alternatives like pumpkin, the wheaten dish offers a host of different flavors that have delighted the taste buds of locals for centuries.The following is the easiest method for making pumpkin dough balls:

1) Prepare pumpkin slices, stir-fry in hot oil, and add water to cook thoroughly

2) Prepare flour, mix with salt and water until formed into paste. The paste, thick or thin, is decided by the amount of water. The thicker the paste, the chewier the dough balls; the thinner the paste, the softer and more tender the dough balls.

3) Spoon out the paste into boiled water, shape into dough balls, and keep stirring to boil thoroughly

4) Add dough balls to pumpkin and blend



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