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Jiading opens first online trial during epidemic outbreak

( ) 2020-02-12

Jiading opens first online trial during epidemic outbreak

An online trial is hosted by the People's Court of Jiading district in Shanghai on Feb 10. [Photo/]

The People's Court in Jiading district opened its first online trial on Feb 10, a new system being implemented amidst the current outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in China.

It was also the first online trial in Shanghai, which heard a criminal case charged with the crime of falsely issuing special VAT invoices.

The judge slammed his gavel and the trial began after checking that the online system was running smoothly. Images of the judge, prosecutor, defendant and lawyer appeared on the electronic displays in the front of the courtroom.

In no more than 20 minutes, the trial, with voices and images being recorded simultaneously, drew to an end.

The day also saw online trials for disputes caused by a house lease contract and a small loan contract.

A man surnamed Wang, a defendant in one of the online trials, said he was worried about whether his case would be delayed because of the epidemic.

"The online trial is safe and efficient, enabling me to protect my legal rights without leaving home," Wang said.

The litigation service center and petition reception center at Shanghai courts are temporarily closed due to the outbreak and will be reopened at a later date. Litigants and agents ad litem are encouraged to use online litigation services, such as filing, contacting judges, submitting litigation documents, and attending online trials.



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