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Jiading medics help cure two patients in Wuhan

( ) 2020-02-13

Two novel coronavirus pneumonia patients in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, were cured by a medical team from the northern branch of Ruijing Hospital in Jiading, Shanghai, local media reported on Feb 12.

One of the patients is an 86-year-old woman surnamed Chu, who was previously feverish and has chronic coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other health conditions.

As there is currently no specialized treatment for the new type of pneumonia, medics could only control Chu's symptoms with medications such as febrifuge to enhance her immunity in hopes of fighting off the virus.

"Chu followed the doctors' advice and is optimistic about recovery. She has cooperated with our treatment and often has a smile on her face," said Lu Qinghong, head nurse of the medical team.

On the day she left the hospital, Chu insisted on taking a photo with the medical team and sent it to her family.

"Although I cannot see your faces clearly, I know that you are the medical team that saved my life. You really are angels in white," she said.

A 59-year-old woman surnamed Shen has also recovered from the disease. Like Chu, she was in poor health when hospitalized. Her fever reached 39 degrees Celsius at its highest and she has other chronic illnesses as well. A ventilator was even by her side at one point.

Her condition gradually got better under the care of Jiading medical workers, and after 10 days of treatment, she recovered on Feb 9

"As we get more and more experience, I think we will see more patients recovering from the illness," said Lu.

Ye Xiali is another nurse from Jiading who took charge of the daily care of three patients. She said that after a few days of treatment, the patients are seeing improvement, as they now have an appetite and can eat by themselves.

"Patients are treated not only with medicine, but also with the love and care shared by our nurses. We want to spread positive energy to give our patients confidence," Ye said.

Jiading medics help cure two patients in Wuhan

86-year-old Chu and her nurse from the northern branch of Ruijing Hospital in Jiading, Shanghai take a photo together as Chu leaves the hospital on Feb 9. [Photo from WeChat account sh-jiading]

Jiading medics help cure two patients in Wuhan

Ye Xiali and her patient are confident they can defeat the virus. [Photo from WeChat account sh-jiading]



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