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The Shanghai Laser Plasma Institute of the China Academy of Engineering Physics

( ) 2020-03-03

The Shanghai Laser Plasma Institute, a research arm of the China Academy of Engineering Physics, was initiated in 1984 and put into operation in 1986.

It mainly engages in the research and development (R&D) of high-power physics, laser plasma physics, high-energy density physics, high-power laser drivers and technologies, as well as physics on laser-triggered inertial confinement fusion.

The institute has carried out a variety of research projects. One of its recent achievements was taking part in the R&D, testing and experiments on Shenguang-II devices, with a total capacity in the eight-route base-frequency laser (wavelength at 1.053μm) of 6kj/100ps. The progress in the first laser fusion experiment on Shenguang-II indicates that China is at a new level in high-power laser physics and technology and in research and experimental technology in laser-induced fusion.

It has also gained strong and steady financial support from the local government and been offered abundant opportunities to do scientific research.

Address: 1129 Chenjiashan Rd, Jiading district, Shanghai

Postcode: 201800



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