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Foreign expert gives a thumbs-up to Jiading public service

( ) 2020-04-22

Foreign expert gives a thumbs-up to Jiading public service

The thanks letter written by Anton Allner [Photo/]

The economics and management department in Nanxiang town, Jiading, recently received a letter of thanks from Anton Allner, a foreign expert working at the local Fuchs Lubricants (China) Ltd.

In his letter, Allner expressed his gratitude for the department offering special arrangements for the release of his chronic medication parcel through customs and allowing him to continue working without taking a lot of time to fly back to South Africa, undergo quarantine periods in both countries, and risk exposure to COVID-19.

According to local customs officials, it usually takes at least two weeks to check and clear that kind of personal belongings. In those circumstances, Allner, nearly 50, would face a shortage of medication that might affect his health and disease control.

With the help from local civil servants and customs, Allner had his package cleared in three days and solved his urgent problem.

"It was very efficient and we really appreciated it," said manager Du from Fuchs Lubricants (China) Ltd. "From Nanxiang town to Jiading district and then to the municipal government, every part is closely connected, which created a climate full of humanistic care for foreign experts."

Allner also gave a thumbs-up to Shanghai's efforts in optimizing the business environment and was confident in Fuchs developing and forging ahead in China.

Foreign expert gives a thumbs-up to Jiading public service

The chronic medication parcel mailed from South Africa to Shanghai [Photo/]




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