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Two more overseas students help fight COVID-19

( ) 2020-04-29

Two more overseas students help fight COVID-19

Cao Yuanyuan (center) shares her volunteer experience with Liu Yining and Zhang Yifei. [Photo/]

Two more students who returned to Shanghai from the United Kingdom have joined Cao Yuanyuan to offer voluntary services in Jiading district, local media reported April 20.

Liu Yining and Zhang Yifei are the two students. Liu returned to China before the Chinese New Year holiday as he has graduated from university, while Zhang is a senior student who got back in mid-to-late March.

The two young men said they were moved and inspired by the story of Cao, who, a student at the University of the Arts London, posted a two-minute vlog online that recorded her journey back from the UK to China and the people she met. In the video, the young woman expressed her respect for the inspection officers, thanked them for their meticulous care, and burst into tears at the thought of being Chinese.

She then made her promise to serve as a volunteer in her hometown in Nanxiang, Jiading and her 14-day volunteering stint began on April 15.

Liu and Zhang also wanted to share the love and care they had received, and serving as volunteers like Cao was the most practical way. Their ideas received solid support from their families and as soon as their quarantines were over, they started their 14-day stint April 20.

The two young men were in charge of basic work such as registering temperatures, checking delivery parcels, taking and sending out take-outs, answering phone calls, and recording problems.

They have become a part of the "closed-loop management for epidemic prevention and control" and now have a better understanding of grass-roots work.

Cao was also delighted to have two new partners. She shared her experiences, and encouraged them to try their best.

"I think it's very important to serve the motherland, and of course, there are many ways to do that," Cao said. "Studying at home and obeying epidemic prevention and control management are also a good way to do it."

Two more overseas students help fight COVID-19

An overseas student serves as a volunteer in Jiading district, Shanghai. [Photo/]




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