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Shanghai Mengchao Cancer Hospital

( ) 2020-05-08

Shanghai Mengchao Cancer Hospital

Shanghai Mengchao Cancer Hospital [Photo/]

The 40,000-square-meter Shanghai Mengchao Cancer Hospital located in Anting town of Jiading district, Shanghai was put into trial operation on May 6.

The hospital has set up departments for surgical and medical oncology, cancer early screening, gastrointestinal surgery, gastroenterology, and joint outpatient, the last of which is unique to the hospital and applies an "integrated and customized diagnosis and treatment" system for each cancer patient, providing them with an optimal treatment plan jointly formulated by multi-disciplinary experts.

For tumor therapies, the hospital provides world-class diagnosis and treatment equipment. For example, a computed tomography (CT) machine with 320 scanners can take 640 slices of dynamic and panoramic images, with the thinnest part merely 0.5 millimeter in thickness, making it possible to provide accurate and efficient detection support for early cancer screening.

It also has a PET-CT machine known as Discovery 710, the first of its kind in the world to be used for clinical treatment guidance. It has 256 intelligent thermostatic PET probes and its resolution of 1.6mm is unprecedented, capable of improving the detection rate and diagnostic ability for small lesions.

The nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) system known as 3.0t Vantage Titan, with a maximum image resolution of 0.05mm, integrates one-stop whole-body imaging and other advanced technologies and can provide advanced, comfortable and safe services for patients.

The medical team in the hospital is also highly skilled and includes a number of experts from first-class hospitals.

The hospital uses an appointment system which allows patients to reserve in advance through the hospital's website. It is not a designated hospital for medical insurance, and registration fees, inspection fees and all other costs are in line with those charged at tertiary hospitals.

Address: 75 Qianyang Rd, Anting town, Jiading district, Shanghai

Official website:



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