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Jiading firm develops voice-controlled elevator technology

( ) 2020-05-26
Jiading firm develops voice-controlled elevator technology

The Jiading-based Shanghai STEP Electric Corporation develops a non-contact system for elevator users to prevent cross-infection. [Photo/]

Voice-controlled elevators allowing people to tell the elevator which floor to take them to have been widely used in some major cities across the country amidst the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Jiading-based Shanghai STEP Electric Corporation developed such a non-contact system for elevators in an effort to reduce the need to use hands and prevent cross-infection in public places such as hospitals, office buildings and supermarkets.

The advanced system uses artificial intelligence technology such as voice recognition, allowing people to control the elevator without pressing any buttons. It can also provide passengers with real-time services and feedback about the elevator's status.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has increased the demand for voice-controlled elevators in both domestic and international markets. STEP has already signed cooperative agreements with an Italian company, and in the future, their products are expected to be widely used in European countries, according to Cao Jian, manager of the company's research and development department.

Cao added that the overseas sales of voice-controlled elevators will account for more than 10 percent of the company's elevator sales.



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