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Advanced technologies help Jiading in smart city construction

( ) 2020-06-15
Advanced technologies help Jiading in smart city construction

Jiading district in Shanghai applies high-end technologies to its city management, as part of the district's smart city construction. [Photo/Xinhua]

High-end technologies have been widely used in Jiading district, Shanghai, in the city's daily management, providing abundant intelligent application scenarios for local authorities to improve the running of the city, according to a news report June 12.

Jiading has added 23 professional access systems to the district's city management center, including weather reports and early warnings of large passenger flows, and has set up 73,000 police video recording points, offering authorities efficient information for city management.

The local government also set up six intelligent application scenarios, including epidemic prevention and control, garbage sorting and flood control.

Authorities said that with the help of such advanced technologies, they have set up grid-based management for the whole process of garbage sorting including classification, collection, transport and disposal. The system covers 1,654 garbage dumps and has strengthened the management of household waste.

The online management platform is of great significance to the modernization of governance, and has made city management smarter and easier, helping the district make progress in smart city construction.



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