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Jiading continues to develop garbage sorting

( ) 2020-06-18
Jiading continues to develop garbage sorting

Zhenxin sub-district, Jiading district, Shanghai takes steps to promote garbage sorting in order to better protect the environment. [Photo/]

Zhenxin sub-district, Jiading district, Shanghai is taking concrete steps to promote garbage sorting and has formulated a long-term mechanism for improving the efficiency of its garbage sorting campaign, local media reported on June 16.

The sub-district has established pilot programs in its 18 residential communities and has appointed property management staff to help residents sort their garbage. An assessment and incentive mechanism was even adopted in Zhenxin sub-district to help encourage residents to properly sort their garbage.

The sub-district has established an intelligent grid-based management platform for the entire garbage-sorting process, including classification, collection, transport, and disposal, in order to solve problems commonly found in garbage sorting procedures. As of the end of this May, the intelligent management platform had helped solve all garbage sorting problems in the sub-district.

An inspection was also launched to monitor compliance with trash sorting among businesses, and all businesses in the district were encouraged to sort their garbage before disposing of it.



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