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Jiading unveils action plan to boost new infrastructure

( ) 2020-07-06

Jiading district in Shanghai rolled out a three-year action plan to facilitate innovation and promote the district's new types of infrastructure, according to a local news report on July 3.

According to the action plan, the district will allocate 71.95 billion yuan ($10.2 billion) to 53 major projects related to 5G, scientific infrastructure, big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Jiading will set up 3,000 5G base stations by 2021 and speed up the development of core 5G technologies. Investment in industrial internet will be increased, and more than 16 unmanned intelligent factories, production lines and workshops will be established by 2022. The district planned to inject 3.87 billion yuan into nine major projects related to the construction of new networks.

Jiading will double down on efforts to push forward the construction of new infrastructure, including key innovation infrastructure, such as an integrated innovation center for advanced medical imaging, in an effort to support scientific research and technological development. The district will also focus on the development of innovative platforms, including the National Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Testing Demonstration Base.

New platforms for big data and artificial intelligence computing, as well as a number of intelligent industrial parks for internet of things, will be established in the next three years. The Jiading government will encourage online approvals and services, and work faster to make it possible for such services to be accessed via one website. A total of 7.25 billion yuan will be put into the construction of e-government platforms. Several hydrogen refueling stations will be built in the district, with the aim of supporting the commercial use of hydrogen fuel cells. Jiading will also accelerate the construction of smart retail platforms, "internet plus" medical and health infrastructure, and digital education.

Lu Fangzhou, Party secretary of Jiading district, noted that the new infrastructure construction should highlight its industrial characteristics and offer support to the development of functional platforms at national and municipal levels. The government should play an active role in promoting the integration of all kinds of innovation resources and creating the best ecosystem for investment.



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