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AI technology promoted at Jiading school

( ) 2020-07-15
AI technology promoted at Jiading school

Students show interest in a robot. [Photo/]

Fengbang Primary School in Jiading district, Shanghai is currently promoting artificial intelligence (AI) technology, making school life a bit more interesting, according to a local news report on July 10.

This promotional activity is in response to a call by educational authorities across the country to improve the information literacy of teachers and students.

Authorities from the local education bureau said that in recent years, primary and middle school teachers have been encouraged to take part in AI training courses, and a youth tech innovation center was also set up to promote the study of programming.

The center has also invited AI experts to deliver lectures to students.

Over the past two years, the innovation center has offered more than 28,000 class hours to local students, covering 90 percent of Jiading's middle and primary schools. The center has also formed an AI association to teach students about AI applications, and has also launched AI courses on many different topics, including creative design, mechanical assembly, programming, and scientific and technological culture.



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