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100 food trucks set to hit Shanghai roads

By He Qi ( ) 2020-08-12

A hundred food trucks will take to the roads of Shanghai by the end of September, according to the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce.

The operators of these food trucks will include Brightdairy Dairy Co Ltd, Bailian Group, Liang Food, Hema Fresh and Babi.

Liang Food was the first company to receive permission to operate its food trucks on July 28 following the unveiling of measures related to such vehicles by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce on July 22.

Chen Qian, the founder of Liang Food, said that each vehicle needs a separate permit to operate and can only be stationed at fixed locations. In terms of business hours, the food truck car will be allowed to operate from 6 am to midnight.

According to Lin Chen, manager of Shanghai Buddies CVS Co Ltd, which is related to Brightdairy, there will be about 30 Brightdairy food trucks on the streets by before October.



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