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Juyuan New Area in Jiading increases efforts to attract investment

( ) 2020-08-25

In order to stabilize economic and social development amid the novel coronavirus epidemic, Juyuan New Area, Jiading district, Shanghai has rolled out an array of incentive policies to attract investment, according to a local news report on Aug 25.

According to the local government, the area will offer financial support to enterprises in industries involving science and technology services and human resources. Listed companies will receive at least 100,000 yuan ($14,520) to help them resume normal operations.

Juyuan New Area is focusing on economic growth and introducing high-end and leading enterprises, which is expected to drive the area's economic development.

Statistics show that due to government efforts, 433 enterprises had set up operations in Juyuan New Area as of the end of this July, including 45 sci-tech enterprises and six internet of things incubators.

Online and offline training activities were also organized by the area to help interpret policies related to social security and new tax laws.



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