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Scientific technology fair set for this month in Jiading

( ) 2020-11-12
Scientific technology fair set for this month in Jiading

The third Scientific Technology Fair for Yangtze River Delta Region is held in Jiading from Nov 18 to 20. [Photo/]

The third Scientific Technology Fair for the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) region will be held at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center, Jiading, from Nov 18 to 20.

This year's fair, jointly held by five cities in the YRD region, will be attended by more than 100 exhibitors from 32 YRD cities including Shanghai, Hefei and Suzhou.

The fair will offer a platform for the cities to strengthen their cooperation in science and technology innovation strategy coordination, achievement match-making, resource sharing and ecological co-construction, and will help Jiading promote  integration into the YRD region, according to an official from the Jiading government.

The fair, which was initiated in 2018, is a gathering place for scientific and technological resources in the YRD region, and focuses on the commercialization of technological research results.

Over two years of development, the fair has become an important platform for the development of innovative technology policies and transformation of innovative achievements in the YRD region.

Covering an exhibition area of 12,000 square meters, this year's event will put its emphasis on new emerging industries such as cutting-edge automobile manufacturing, the internet of things, integrated circuits, advanced manufacturing, and biomedicine, in order to showcase the latest technologies in the region. Local authorities said that this year's event will be held both online and offline, and the online platform will be available throughout the year.

A total of 45 activities are expected to be staged during the fair, including forums, road shows, training courses and entrepreneurship competitions.



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