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Appreciate wintersweet flowers in Jiading

( ) 2021-01-13

Blooming wintersweet flowers are adding a dash of color to the chilly winter in Jiading district, Shanghai. Xincheng Park, Jiazhu Ecological Osmanthus Park, Huating Family Agricultural Park, Guyi Garden, Jiading Wintersweet Flowers Resource Garden, Shanghai Hongtai Garden, and Shanghai Hongtai Garden are some of the best spots in the district to view these flowers.

1.Xincheng Park

Wintersweet flowers in Xincheng Park are not conspicuous in a crowd of flowers and trees, usually blooming earlier than other sites in the park, emitting a sweet fragrance.

Appreciate wintersweet flowers in Jiading
Blooming wintersweet flowers in Xincheng Park. [Photo/]

Address: 335 Tacheng East Road

Tickets: For free

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