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COVID-19 vaccination sites in Jiading

( )2021-02-01

A woman receives COVID-19 vaccination at a health service center in Jiading district, Shanghai. [Photo/]

Jiading district in Shanghai has set up three COVID-19 vaccination sites, with 37,000 people in Jiading district receiving vaccinations, of whom 14,000 have completed both sets of vaccinations as of Jan 19.

Here is a list of places where people can receive COVID-19 vaccinations in Jiading district, Shanghai:

1.New site of Jiading Sports Center

The temporary COVID-19 vaccination site at the new site of Jiading Sports Center has a large vaccination capacity, which will offer 3,000 people vaccination services a day, and a maximum of 7,600 people can be vaccinated per day at the site.

Address: No 118 Xincheng Road, Jiading district, Shanghai

Consulting telephone: +86-21-69530064

2.Nanxiang Town Community Health Center Xingcheng Branch

Individuals going abroad for personal reasons can apply for the shot at the vaccination site.

Address: No 980 Fanglin Road, Nanxiang town, Jiading district, Shanghai

Consulting telephone: +86-21-51857900/51857931

3.Jiading Town Community Health Service Center

Address: No 128 North Avenue, Jiading district, Shanghai

Consulting telephone: +86-21-21-69530665

Residents can make reservations in advance through the mobile health app: Jiankangyun (健康云). For more information, contact the 12320 health hotline.



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