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Jiading views high-quality growth as key to future

( ) 2021-02-18
Jiading views high-quality growth as key to future

Jiading gets into gear to replace its old growth drivers with new ones, and to promote the construction of one of its core areas as a world-class auto industry center. [Photo/]

Jiading district in East China's Shanghai city will accelerate the upgrade of traditional industries and put in place various systems, mechanisms and policies for promoting its high-quality development, according to proposals tabled at the annual session of the district's People's Congress held on Feb 3-6.

In recent years, the district has been hitting the fast track to replace its old growth drivers with new ones and has been promoting one of its core areas as a world-class auto industry center. A number of key projects started up operations there last year, including German carmaker Volkswagen's electric car-dedicated Modular Electric Drive technology platform.

Currently, Jiading houses more than 150 enterprises in key fields and public service platforms for scientific research, as well being home to 261.4 kilometers of roads constructed for testing intelligent connected vehicles, or ICVs, showcasing the rapid growth of its strategic emerging industries.

This year, Jiading plans to continue to boost its pillar industries including the automobile industry, intelligent sensors, the internet of things, high-powered medical equipment and precision medicine.

Lu Qiang, deputy to the Jiading District People's Congress and Party secretary of Anting town, said the town would focus on the construction of industrial parks and promote the development of the Jiading Hydrogen Energy Park, in a bid to achieve premium-quality growth.

The Jiading Hydrogen Energy Park currently has more than 20 quality projects related to hydrogen fuel and intelligent vehicles, according to Lu.

Cai Ning, a member of the Jiading District Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), said the district would continue to promote the modernization of its industrial chain and 20 high-quality projects were expected to settle there this year. The ventures will be involved in the automobile industry, artificial intelligence and precision medicine.

Deputies and political advisers all agreed that Jiading should continue to advance its science, technology and innovation to boost its high-quality development. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25), Jiading plans to keep an eye on innovation through technology, continue to spur its market vitality and people's creativity, as well as to introduce more high-growth and innovative enterprises, aiming to build itself as a key area supporting Shanghai's role as a science and innovation hub.

Xie Dongsheng, a member of the Jiading District Committee of the CPPCC, who is also an official of the district's science and technology commission, suggested that Jiading should give full play to its advantages in terms of its scientific and technological resources.

"We will beef up efforts to promote the construction of infrastructure, such as full 5G network coverage in urban and rural areas and the digital transformation of the economy and society," Xie said.

Local authorities said that Jiading has installed 2,000 new 5G base stations to date and another 1,000 will be rolled out this year, in a bid to build a solid foundation for the development of the intelligent connection network and the industrial internet.



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