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Square dancing, with earphones

( ) 2021-04-20

Square dancing has always been a relatively loud affair with people strutting their dance moves to music blaring from a loudspeaker.

But the popular activity was recently given a novel twist with dancers in Shanghai's Jiading district using earphones to listen to the music that was played at a designated frequency.

Dou Xiangxin, the team leader of the dance group, told CCTV that this new way of square dancing allows the dancers to carry out their hobby without bothering their neighbors.

The video of people square dancing to music not audible to the public quickly went viral online, with many netizens calling for the practice to be implemented nationwide.

But though many have expressed their support for the new practice, others have questioned if dancing in such a manner would diminish the charm of square dancing.

As such, the same group of dancers started using a small music amplifier to broadcast the music at a volume that was just loud enough for nearby bystanders to appreciate.



Guyi Garden becomes digital scenic spot

Guyi Garden in Shanghai's Jiading district was recently rated as one of the 21 Shanghai digital scenic spots by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, local media outlets reported on Jan 19.