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Jiading zone aims high for next 5 years

( ) 2021-04-28
Jiading zone aims high for next 5 years

Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone is currently a high-end manufacturing cluster. [Photo/]

Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone is currently a high-end manufacturing cluster, with its industrial capability and competitiveness enhanced greatly since its establishment in 1992, propelling Jiading district's innovative development.

According to the district's 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25), Jiading Industrial Zone will bolster efforts to accelerate its pace in industrial transformation and upgrading, as well as promote the cluster development of advanced manufacturing and strategic emerging industries.

Launched in the zone in 2019, the Shanghai Intelligent Sensor Industrial Park focuses on the areas including smart hardware, smart driving, smart medicine, and smart education. The park is currently home to 86 such enterprises, and the total industrial output value of industrial enterprises above designated size in the park was 25.2 billion yuan ($3.89 billion) in 2020.

"During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, we will continue efforts to improve the business environment, and give priority to cultivating and introducing more technology-innovation enterprises," said Lei Wenlong, an official of the Shanghai Intelligent Sensor Industrial Park.

Lei added that the park is expected to be home to more than 300 smart sensor enterprises and will strive to generate more than 100 billion yuan in output value by 2025.

Efforts will also be made to promote the innovation-driven development of Jiading Industrial Zone, aiming to foster a number of new growth drivers for its economy, as well as make breakthroughs in high-end industries.

Steady progress will also be made in the integration of industry and city, as well as increase its city function in an effort to attract and retain top talent.

The local government will introduce high quality educational resources from outside, while efforts will also be made to improve its service level in healthcare, senior care, and transportation, building the zone into an ideal area for living and working.

Additionally, the zone will continue to improve people's wellbeing and strive for common prosperity in the next five years, aiming to improve local residents' quality of life and sense of happiness.




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