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Glorious flowers blossom in Huating town

( ) 2021-06-21
Glorious flowers blossom in Huating town

A veritable sea of flowers in Huating town now covers an area of 40,000 sq m. [Photo/]

Flowers in pink, white, red and yellow hues reportedly started to bloom in June, covering 40,000 square meters in the Beixin flower field in Huating town -- located in the Jiading district of China's East megacity and financial capital of Shanghai.

Tourists can enjoy the beauty of several types of flowers this year, including poppies, calliopsis and sunflowers.

There are three paths and two windmills built in the area for tourists to take photos.

The bloom are expected to last until the end of June.

Address: No 1988 Gaoshi Highway, Huating town

Transport: Bus No 107 (Line A/B) to Xinyuan station

Tickets: Free

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