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Volvo Cars Asia-Pacific design center starts construction in Jiading

( ) 2021-07-09

Volvo Cars Asia-Pacific design center starts construction in Jiading

A rendering of the exterior of Asia-Pacific design center of Volvo Cars. [Photo/]

Construction of the Asia-Pacific design center of Volvo Cars in Jiading district commenced recently.

As the creation and innovation hub of Volvo Cars in Asia-Pacific area, the design center will be responsible for projects such as concept cars and remodels, and will be seamlessly connected with the design team based in Gothenburg, Sweden through advanced digital technology. It will be put into use in March 2022.

Located on No 2088 on Lyuyi Road in Jiading district, the design center is adjacent to the Volvo Asia-Pacific headquarters building and the Volvo China R&D center. The 5572.67-square-meter design center can accommodate 150 designers and engineers.

Virtual reality and other advanced digital technologies will enable designers in the center to create products that meet the company's vision and users' needs by effectively collaborating with craftsmen, said Jonathan Disley, vice-president of design of Volvo Car Asia Pacific.

The design center will also support full-scale interior and exterior interactive design, and Volvo Cars' operations in all over the world, Disley added.



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