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New commercial complex to open in Nanxiang town

( ) 2021-09-06

New commercial complex to open in Nanxiang town

A design sketch of Sunac Center of Shanghai Xihuan. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]

The construction of Sunac Center of Shanghai Xihuan, a 16-hectare commercial complex, is near completion. A batch of shops will open in the commercial complex by the end of September.

Sunac Center of Shanghai Xihuan is located in Nanxiang town, north of Shanghai's largest single-structure shopping mall Shanghai Nanxiang Incity Mega. It extends to Guyiyuan Road in the east, Chenxiang Road in the south, Deyuan Road in the west, and Tingxueyuan Road in the north.

The commercial complex includes a 5.6-hectare-commercial building, 1.4 hectares in commercial supporting facilities, and 3.2 hectares in apartment buildings.

By the end of August, 28 shops have signed lease agreements with the complex, said a project constructor. Some shops are already open for trial operation. The first batch of 20 shops along the road will open by the end of September.

Photography brand Naive Blue has also settled in the commercial complex, covering about 200 square meters on the first floor along the road.



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