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Jiading tests IoV technology

( ) 2021-10-21

Jiading tests IoV technology

Jiading district holds an event to test vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]

Jiading district held an automobile pilot application event on Oct 19, aiming to test vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology.

V2X technology is a smart network between vehicles, as well as vehicles and roads, enabling the interconnection of "vehicles, people, roads, and cloud" information to further improve the safety of autonomous driving.

The large scale testing attracted nearly 70 companies involved in fields like automobiles, communication, transportation, mapping and positioning, and information security.

Carrying out the V2X network link function practice on real roads can better realize the commercial value, as well as the application and promotion of the business model, said Shen Lirong, manager of the intelligent connected automobile business department of Shanghai International Automobile City.

When the distance between the test drive vehicles and the vehicle equipped with V2X technology is shortened, the system will issue an automatic early warning.

According to Ge Yuming, deputy director of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, V2X technology has currently transitioned from the test verification stage to the verification and promotion stage, with people expected to be able to buy mass-produced vehicles of some brands equipped with V2X technology this year.

Currently, Jiading is bolstering its efforts to promote the implementation of smart city infrastructure and intelligent connected vehicles. It aims to improve its comprehensive capability by developing intelligent connected vehicles, smart transportation, and smart cities.



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