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Jiading inks 34 projects, 6.02 b yuan in investment

( ) 2021-11-12

Jiading inks 34 projects, 6.02 b yuan in investment

Thirty-four projects are signed at a signing event held in Jiading district. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]

Agreements for 34 projects with a total investment of 6.02 billion yuan ($941.11 million) were signed at Jiading district's monthly signing event on Nov 11.

Among the projects, four are foreign-invested projects and more than 17 are worth over 100 million yuan of investment.

Ten projects are involved in the intelligent sensor and internet of things sector, mainly focusing on intelligent hardware, intelligent driving, intelligent robots, smart medical care, and smart education. These projects are expected to boost Jiading's integrated circuit industry.

Twenty-three projects are involved in four key industries, namely automobile, intelligent sensors, high-performance medical care, and online economy, with an investment of 4.6 billion yuan, accounting for 76 percent of total investment.

For instance, Shenzhen technology company Leagsoft invested 300 million yuan into the construction of an international research and development center in Anting town, Jiading, to expand the R&D of safety products in industries like IoT, smart network links, automatic driving, and medical care.

Since the beginning of this year, Jiading district has organized nine city-level and district-level project-signing events, establishing a total of 178 projects valued at 62 billion yuan.



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