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Mega Incity

( ) 2021-11-24

Mega Incity

Inside Mega Incity. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]

Mega Incity in Nanxiang town, Shanghai's Jiading district has been offering one-stop shopping services to local residents since it opened on Aug 25, 2020.

Located at the intersection of Guyiyuan Road and Chenxiang Highway, the 34-hectare commercial complex serves more than 4 million people in Shanghai and surrounding areas that live within half-an-hour traffic from it.

The commercial complex is home to more than 400 brands, covering the food and beverage, retail, entertainment, recreation, as well as lifestyle sectors. Among the brands, over 40 percent have either their first store in the city or their latest concept store in the mall, while over 85 percent have their first store in the region in the mall.

The commercial complex boasts a botanical garden with over 200 tropical plants, a 400-meter runway on the roof, a 6-diameter 'super moon' decoration, and other novel commercial items, as well as special shopping blocks and the "Yinxiang Jiangnan" theme store.

The commercial complex also adopts advanced technologies and considerate services like AI shopping guides, children's restrooms, and nursing rooms.

"I used to take an over two-hour subway ride to the large shopping malls in Huangpu district for shopping, but now I go shopping at Mega Incity, which is really convenient," a Jiading resident said.

Since opening more than a year ago, the commercial complex has received over 40 million consumers, generating a turnover of more than 3.8 billion yuan ($594.58 million).

Mega Incity

The Tanli Xingqiu store on the mall's sixth floor is the brand's first store in Shanghai. It spans 3,600 square meters and offers interactive entertainment. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]



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