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Guyi Garden

( ) 2023-01-20


A panoramic view of Guyi Garden. [Photo/]

Located in Jiading district's Nanxiang town in Shanghai, Guyi Garden covers an area of 146 mu (9.7 hectares) and ranks the first among the five classical gardens in Shanghai.

Built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), it is divided into four main scenic areas: Yi Garden, Flower Fragrance Park, Crane in Stream Pond and Moonlit Bamboo Park. Its main features are Ming-style architecture, paths with motifs, green bamboo, couplets scrolls, poetry and tranquil streams.

The most graceful scenery in the garden is the mountain, which is fully covered with green, elegant and graceful bamboo.

The streams in the Guyi Garden account for about two-fifths of its total area. As the garden is big, the streams within it flow for quite long distances between pools that vary in sizes and shapes. The different parts of the garden are connected to form a coherent water landscape.

Pavilions are surrounded by water everywhere in the garden. The halls, pavilions and corridors are connected with each other, and while walking through them, visitors can see the scenery outside through colorful windows.

Guyi Garden has become home to a large number of literary and artistic works throughout its 500-year history. While visiting Guyi Garden, you can also view the plaques, couplets and brick carvings in the garden, which include some famous works.

In addition, garden owners and literati from all dynasties have also created a large number of poems and songs during activities and gatherings in Guyi Garden.



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