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New intl students explore history and culture in Shanghai's Jiading


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A group of international students from Shanghai International Studies University take a photo in front of the gate of Guyi Garden. [Photo/WeChat ID: Study_in_SISU]

On March 16, about 40 international students, currently studying at Shanghai International Studies University, gathered in Shanghai's Jiading district to explore the region's historical, cultural, and culinary treasures. 

The students explored key landmarks such as the Jiading Museum, Guyi Garden, and Nanxiang Ancient Town.

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An international student checks out an exhibit at the Jiading Museum. [Photo/WeChat ID: Study_in_SISU]

The Jiading Museum, situated in the heart of Jiading district, provided a glimpse into over 800 years of local history. At the museum, students discovered a treasure trove of artifacts from various dynasties, including ancient bronze relics, stone-carved dragon and pearl containers, calligraphy and paintings, as well as scrolls depicting the "four gentlemen of nature" of plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum. 

The students also ventured to Guyi Garden, one of Shanghai's five classical gardens, to admire the garden's picturesque landscapes. They marveled at the dragon-shaped stone pathways, the blooming plum blossoms, as well as the Huxin Pavilion.

While in Nanxiang Ancient Town, the bustling atmosphere and aroma of local delicacies greeted the students. They indulged in a variety of snacks, such as Nanxiang Xiaolongbao (pork-filled soup dumplings), plum blossom cakes, milk tea, candied haws, edamame tofu, and fried dough twists. 

The tour was not only exciting, but it also helped the students to forge friendships with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Eager to participate in similar activities, these students expressed their desire to learn more about China and its culture.

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The international students forge friendships during the visit. [Photo/WeChat ID: Study_in_SISU]



Time to view winter flowers in Guyi Garden

Winter has yet to end, but the scenes at Guyi Garden in Shanghai's Jiading district has been anything but dreary thanks to the colorful pink and yellow flowers hanging off the olive and wax plum trees and the Spring Festival decorations that were recently put up.