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Parks and old streets boost Shanghang tourism market

( ) 2013-07-30

Shanghang county has invested 540 million yuan ($88.02 million) in recent years to build Wazijie Street, Zijin Park and Riverside Park in the district to create a leisure zone for residents and tourists in the district.

Wazijie Street opened to the public in 2011 and consists of Confucius Temple and other historical relics. There is also a tourist information center, special restaurants and commodity markets to provide convenient and enjoyable experiences for visitors.

At present, second-stage construction of Wazijie Street will involve traditional crafts, delicious hakka food and other cultural factors to establish new attractions for tourists.

Zijin Park and Riverside Park focuses on ecology, low-carbon, greenery and human-oriented themes. Parking lots, wood plank roads, and green landscapes have been arranged to fit local conditions. The two parks focus on leisure and fitness by creating a beautiful and quiet environment with water and plants.

Shanghang county has made great progress in developing its tourism market. From January to June, about 1.93 million tourists came to the county, and its tourism income has reached 966 million yuan ($157.36 million).

By Liu Wei

Edited by Chen Zhilin and Micheal Thai




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