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Undergraduates return to Jiading for internships

( ) 2013-08-01

A total of 103 students – all natives of Jiading – have returned for the summer to work as interns in 45 institutions, enterprises, and big project units in different areas – such as automobile manufacturing, cultural industries and the internet of things.

Liu Haitao, the vice district secretary, and Xu Bin, the vice secretary of the district's Communist Youth League, attended the launch ceremony of the project "2013 Return of Jiading's Young Talents," on July 17.

Liu talked about Jiading's social and economic development, and spoke highly about the project, which aims to encourage Jiading talents to return to their hometown and make a significant contribution to the district. He urged them to make good use of their summer holiday and also to take advantage of the opportunities available as part of Jiading's development.

A total of 482 undergraduates have returned to work as interns in Jiading since the first "Return of Jiading Young Talents" project in 2007, and about half of the 243 graduates have settled in the district.

This year's project includes native Jiading youths who attend universities involved in Project 985 - which aims to promote the Chinese higher education system by founding world-class universities in the 21st century- and also those studying in Beijing and overseas.

The Jiading Overseas Students Fraternity was inaugurated at the opening ceremony, and several former project participants also spoke with this year's group.

In addition, an official of the Jiading Development and Reform Commission talked about the district's urbanization.

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