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An alliance of enterprises, universities and institutes on the development and application of new energy-storage battery systems was established in Shanghai’s Jiading district recently.Read more

According to a reform plan on the system for registration of registered capital that was published by the State Council, annual inspection on enterprises has now been turned into a system using annual reports.Read more

The Jiading Industrial Park has been encouraging its enterprises to get involved in the capital market and has helped develop some small-to-mid-sized companies (SMEs) with promise.Read more

A job fair was held in the Jiading New City, near Shanghai’s Jiading district, attracting 4,000 job-seekers competing for 2,500 posts available from nearly 100 enterprises.Read more

The sudden drop in travel prices can mainly be attributed to the prices of flights and accommodation falling back to normal levels.Read more

Shanghai taxation authority has released a list of the top 100 enterprises in the city’s first and tertiary industries in terms of tax payment in 2013, with 10 of them located in Shanghai’s Jiading district.Read more

The Shanghai Hugong Auto-electric Co ended up with sales of around 50 million yuan for 2013, according to one of its directors, who said the key to their success was innovation and leading technology.Read more

The Shanghai Finance Innovation Institution had its official opening, on Feb 21, at the 2014 Shanghai Internet Finance Seminar, in the Jiading district of Shanghai.Read more



Jiading Fahua Pagoda

Jiading Fahua Pagoda

The Fahua Pagoda, 40.8 meters tall, is a square, brick-wood structure with seven stories, accessible by ladders.